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Even more ways to generate free affiliate traffic. use a few or use them all to increase your site traffic and visitors.

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Affiliate Articles

Free traffic... continued.

5. Search engine keywords and keyword phrases

Your web site content is very (very) important. Remember, the content on your web site is the most important aspect of your web site when it comes to free traffic via the search engines. While you might think you could simply surf the web copying other peoples content for your site, don't do it, it will hurt you in the long term. It's not a good idea since the search engines (especially Google) will know that your "stolen" content  is duplicate content.

How does Google know? Because it has already seen the information somewhere else on the Internet earlier, it knows what date it was seen, and it knows that the content was seen at the other web site... first. If it sees it on your page for the second time then well, you lose. While Google might not ban you from their search engine, they certainly won't hesitate to push you to the very end of their search results pages. Have you ever seen the last page of Google results, you know where the sentence starts off with "In order to show you" etc. These are either additional pages from the sites in the search results list, or they're the duplicate sites and their pages.

Bottom line... when it comes to your site or blog content, make it unique and make it yours. Read all you can about your chosen subject online, process it in your brain, mix it up with your own personality, add a touch of creativeness, stir it some more, shake it if you want and then just start typing like there's no tomorrow.


You do not have to be an award winning writer, you just have to communicate in your own personal style and get your message across to your readers. Serious, technical, comical, relaxed, teaching, mellow - whatever, it's your site so do it your way. When you're complete with a paragraph or so then go back and edit for clarity, check typos and FTP that baby to your site! If you truly cannot write or you just don't have the time, then you can opt to search the web for free lance writers that will write your content for you.

Search engines (the search engine big list - new window) generally look for keywords within your content, they then compare them to other pages within their index server database, pull the snippets of page information from the document server, rank them and then finally display them in the order of relevance on their search results page. It's a little more complicated then that, however that's the basic flow. So, you having the right keyword or keyword phrases within your site content  is what will get you into the search results to start.

Here's a search engine position checker widget. We've pre-loaded it with a web site URL and a keyword phrase, you can click on "check" to see how it works. You can also check out any other site - just input any domain name and keyword combination you like and click the check button. Bam!



If your returned results say "No Positions Found" then it's not located in the search engine. If it is located on the search engine then here are the definitions for that... Position: This is the location "from the top" of the Google page where the link result is located. Page: This is the actual page where the link is located, page 1 being the best of course and where you want to be! Website Address: This is where Google will send the visitor when they click on the link.

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free







When Google sends out a Google Bot (short for robot), to crawl (review) your web site all it's really looking for is text, nothing more. It can not read music files, video files or your graphics so keep this in mind when building or updating your web site... text is very important, the keywords you use within your text is even more important.

OK, before we move onto article writing to increase your traffic for free we highly recommend you read up on how Google crawls your site, then go and grab your free sitemap builder. It's the same free software that Margie and I use here, in fact we made our XML site map with this same "freeware". It works great and it's free - what else do you need to know!

6. Write articles that direct traffic to your web site

Submitting articles to the many "article" sites out there does a couple good things for you as far as  generating free traffic to your site. First of all you can place a byline at the bottom of your article so after people read your article they can visit the link you've placed there - direct referral traffic. Second, depending on the article site itself, Google will see this link pointing to your site which could increase you Page Rank or your search result position - both of which will increase your traffic.

What you don't want to do is what we mentioned at the beginning of this section - copying someone else's article, then plastering it on an article site (remember this?). Put some thought into what you write, let it come naturally, inform and educate and you can do very well with free article traffic generation in the long term.

Most often writers link back to their web site or blog. It's usually best to link back to the page that contains the same subject that you're writing about, why? Because if you've written an article about Persian cats, and the person reading your article is reading it because they're interested in Persian cats, then you sure don't want to link to your general "pets" web site home page, you'd want to link to the Persian cat area of your web site. Make it easy on your reader and help them get to the area of your site that is the most similar to your article, and the most important to THEM. If you're writing about pets in general, then linking to your pet home page is fine and would be expected. If you decide to give article writing a shot, we recommend you visit our three favorite article sites: Find Articles, Go Articles and Articles Factory.

There are of course thousands of other article submission sites out there, here's the Google search for the search term "article site", yep more then 250 million listings for that particular term - whew! We do recommend that you do a little research on any of them that you find, like and consider submitting your articles to. Some article sites use the "no follow" html attribute which in most cases doesn't literally tell the robots not to follow the link and spider the page at the end of the link as much as "do not score" this link within the Google Page Rank algorithm. What does that mean to you? It means that if an article site is manipulating the article posts so that you do not receive credit for the article link, then the only thing you're receiving is direct traffic from those people reading your article and then clicking on your byline link at the bottom of your article.

7. Join forums, establish your expertise, and earn free traffic along the way.

There are thousands of forums available to you in virtually any "niche" market or subject you could ever imagine. Joining a forum and then posting questions, answers or general comments tends to give you credibility on a particular subject matter. It's similar to article writing (just not as in depth) where you can either put a "signature line" at the bottom of your post, or a link to your web site in your forum member profile. Over time people will begin to trust what you say, follow what you write, and go to a site that you recommend.

The potential problem... that you are seen as a forum spammer, a seller, or just someone that posts for the traffic. Remember that even though traffic might be the main reason for you joining the forum, you certainly don't want to make that your sole focus, if you do your posted comments will be edited, or deleted or worse yet people will not trust anything you say and you could even get banned from the site.

This is a very good forum post:

"I agree with most of what Bob is saying as far as there being money to be made on the Internet... however there are other ways to earn an income online besides just PLR's. I find PLR's over rated on income potential for the average Joe, over hyped by all involved (do we really need any more of this out here) and the market is over saturated shortly after a new PLR is released. If you're not writing the PLR, doing the secret handshakes to line up your JV's with the biggie email list owners, then you're really just the little guy left with some measly profit scraps. For me I've always had the long term vision of stable and consistent online profits and to do that you need; a web site site with good content, some SEO work, affiliate companies, targeted links and virtual hands off income generation except for when you're updating affiliate links as needed. For Bob to say "PLR's is the only way to make money online" is not only false, it's almost as if desperation has set in and the only way to get anyone to even consider looking at PLR's is to slam all the other methods of generating online income. Nothing against you personally Bob, I just have a beef with anyone that can say something like that on this forum and actually believe it himself or even attempt to assume anyone else would. Is there anyone here earning an income beyond PLR's and affiliate programs? If so I'd love to hear more success stories here on this board"

David the sincere Forum Poster / - Member since before sliced bread

This is really bad forum post:

"Hi Bob, good post.  Anyways, hey there everyone I'm making money online through affiliate companies and affiliate programs (whoa doggy), so much in fact that I just bought my second beachfront executive home in Florida and another (my third) BMW, wowie-zowie huh? You want some of that green cash money, then join me (click the link below) and get it early [at the top] with my team and do nothing because I will do all the work for you (yep, me). Join now, today, before it's too late, and before all the hot (sizzle) spots are gone, don't YOU miss it. Big Moola, buck-a-roonies, cashola, go now and join, don't think about it, you can always work some overtime later to recoup your "investment". No, no, no just leave the baby cry for now you can feed it later, that grass is gonna grow even if you leave this post to go cut it so stay here, and forget about those hunger pangs (eat twice as much tomorrow, you'll be fine) just sign up through the link below. Hey, this is not forum spam, serious, I agree with whatever Bob said so don't delete this post and everyone, for God's sake sign up now before the World comes to an end - you'll surely thank me later!"

Steve the soon to be banned Forum Spammer / - Member since this morning

So, get involved in forums, post subjects about things you know, help others, answer questions, get passionate and get your point across without being rude (assertive is OK, rude is not). But don't waste your time spamming a forum board, since it's also a waste of time for the other members there. Be sincere, inform and add value to the forums. That free traffic... it will come.

8. Lastly, we highly recommend you join and then promote free traffic generating programs, they do work. Now here's the kicker... You can join them free and then "actively" surf web sites to earn your free traffic, you can view this actual surf page to see what it's about and this our favorite traffic program called "Fast Freeway" discussed below. You'll see how you're viewing a members site (in the lower frame) then when the timer counts down to zero your traffic credit is earned, on the right is the total for the session today and it'll go up by 4 traffic credits each time you "surf" by clicking on the yellow "next site" button.

While you can earn free traffic by actively surfing other members sites, the true key to success with earning free traffic from these programs is building a referral team. To do this you join your chosen traffic program, locate your 'referral link" in your free traffic member back office, then place your referral link on your web site like what we've done below with a few of our favorites. When others join you some will actively surf which will generate traffic for you, and others will promote their free traffic referral link which then generate even more free traffic for you... everybody wins.

Note: Once our site URL rotator is up and running we'll be pulling member referral links from the referral down lines of the below traffic programs. We will then place the rotator on this page so that YOU can benefit directly from the visitors to this page, we'll be helping to build your traffic team while we're building ours - teamwork.

Of the hundreds of free traffic generating programs out there we've listed a small sampling of the ones we've joined in the past and that we've had proven free traffic success with. If you're experienced with traffic programs, you already know that some are less about traffic and more about the owners "selling" to you. Yep, there's one traffic program (which is not on the page and we no longer promote) where we had to endure 7 "squeeze" pages after we logged on and BEFORE we were even allowed to go to our members area - sheesh! We recommend you avoid the free traffic programs where you are required to "log in" every 7 days, 2 weeks, or 30 days etc. or your account is temporarily disabled.

There are far too many free traffic type of programs on the Internet where you will NOT be "held hostage" by a traffic program webmaster for any (any) reason. So if you join a traffic program and you receive a "your account is temporarily disabled until you login" email, sure... log in to your account, delete your account and then go find yourself a new traffic program - simple! If you remain with a hostage taking free traffic program you can expect to stress out over the emails while you lose free traffic along the way because your account has been disabled for the last week since that "nasty gram" email has been sitting there in your email inbox.

The free traffic programs here are 100% free to join, and they don't do the disable your account thing either. Most all will give you the option of purchasing additional traffic if you want but it's never mandatory. Visit them, check them out and then join the ones you like. There are also more within the 88x31 banner column at the top center right on this page! If you could only join five (5) free traffic programs this year, then these 5 have generated the most free traffic for Margie and I to date:

Screenshot: Free Traffic Program: What's Special about this Free Traffic Exchange?
Project Wonderful Sign up for free! Then set-up your display or text ads and select the site you want your ads to show up on. Chose site wide and by category, or chose specific web sites and/or blogs. Also a paid advertising option available.
Advert Ads You can easily generate ads similar to Google, only much more vibrant and eye catching. You'll earn free traffic whenever ads are shown on your site and when you ads are clicked on. Build a referral team too!
Adland Pro Receive 500 visitors for joining, your ads go out to thousands, plus many other advertising methods are available to you... Classified ads, text ads, display ads, announcement ads, line ads and in newsletters - free!
Top Surfer Many ways to generate your free traffic. You can surf pages or splash pages, play online games for traffic, chatting traffic and more. Build a down line of referrals who then earn YOU traffic whenever they surf - nice.
Web Biz Insider Earn free traffic for surfing other member sites, for reading email plus you'll earn for referrals too. You'll earn 10% of the traffic of your team for a full 6 levels down. You can also buy down lines for instant referral traffic.

Other free traffic exchanges and free traffic information.  Your Free Traffic Bonus - We recently join Thumb Vu and so far it's been generating a steady stream of free visitors. We'll put it in the list above once we're sure it's long term and consistent traffic.

You can also visit a listing of Free Traffic Exchanges where many other traffic exchanges, traffic systems and free traffic programs are listed.



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