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  Affiliate Programs will help you succeed in earning an affiliate income from your weAffiliate marketing through affiliate programs takes teamwork between the affiliate advertiser, affiliate manager (affiliate company) and you the affiliate or publisher. At this affiliate related site you can learn for free, all about affiliate programs, affiliate companies, affiliate networks, affiliate management, how to get a free website or free blog and then how to get free traffic to them. Learn what affiliate programs can do for you by working with affiliate companies and affiliate networks.b site or blog if you know how to use them properly. It's teamwork at its finest and joining them is 100% free. It's important for you to know what to focus on "before" you join affiliate companies and what to do "after" you join them to maximize your affiliate program profits from your site or blog. We provide the affiliate training and affiliate information here free...

You will however (and this is a biggie) need the motivation and an investment of your time if you want to turn your ho-hum zero income web site into your personal online employee earning you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you're done here you'll be able to earn a nice "hands off" online income even while you're tweeting, facebooking, myspacing... or yea, watching TV or burning steaks.

This site is an inside look into how Mr. and Mrs. average got started earning affiliate commissions from basic general content web sites and how you can do the same. If you have the time to learn - then we have the time to show you what you need to do to get started with affiliate programs, or what to do in order to increase your current affiliate income if you already have a web site or blog out on the Internet.


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We'll cover the many free to join affiliate companies and their affiliate programs, effective affiliate marketing methods we've used over the years, what free hosting companies are available so you can set up your free web site or blog and how you can generate free web traffic plus more. Ultimately we'll show you what we did so you can do the same thing!

Webmaster Success Stories

Announcement: Be sure to read our series of one-on-one interviews called "Success Stories". These are interviews with webmasters that have started their own successful web sites and online business's. Visit our Success Story about Whitney and get the inside scoop from her on what she did to become an online success!
If a couple old geezers (we can say that) like us can earn a nice monthly income through the combination of a web site, affiliate companies, affiliate programs and visitor traffic then you can do the same. We only discuss affiliate programs that work & pay!
Affiliate marketing is not rocket science and it doesn't require some special "secret affiliate handshake". Basically you have the traffic (or we'll show you how to get it), an advertiser wants customers and the affiliate company contains the marketing tools and back office interface that you'll need to effectively market the advertisers wares to the Internet masses.

Joining free affiliate programs through affiliate companies and affiliate networks is very profitable for you, however you need to know what you're doing when it comes to affiliate marketing through affilite programs using affiliate companies or affiliate networks. Affiliate programs are easy to find, however before you jump in and join them we recommend you read, absorb and learn about affiliate programs and affiliate marketing so you do it up right the first time around!As an online affiliate marketer there's no "easy button" for you to push, however our goal is to show you what to do, and just as importantly what NOT to do in order to be a financially successful online affiliate marketer. It's time for you to get out of the mindset that you're web site or blog is simply a medium for you to entertain the people of the world for free because you don't know how to monetize it and make it profitable. If you're going to be a webmaster with a web site or blog, and you're going to put thousands of hours into your online web creation, then by golly you ought to earn something for your efforts.... some good ol' affiliate program income.

You've already seen all the ads, banners, Google Adsense, and those irritating pop-ups out there so you already know that practically all sites and blogs are advertising something. OK, and... and let's go ahead and get this out of the way... as you poke around our site you'll see that we've got our wrinkly fingers in the ol' Google Adsense affiliate advertising pie too.
Web sites (even the Mom & Pop types) that are advertising offers through affiliate networks or affiliate programs are earning their owners money, some sites are earning small amounts, extra spending money, while others are earning thousands of dollars per day. Then of course there's people like Margie and I, somewhere in the middle. We're not giving blood and collecting aluminum cans to pay for our meds, yet we're not quite in that beachfront behemoth of a Florida mansion either.  Regardless of the amount of money you earn from your web site all sounds the same...  Click-cha-ching. Money is changing hands many times per second, of every minute, during all hours of every single day and it just never stops. You can believe that it'll go on for as long as well,  there's an Internet, people on earth to surf it, and all those human wants and needs that must be filled.

Are you new to affiliate programs, affiliate marketing, affiliate netorks and do you want to start earning an affiliate related income from your website or blog?

I am new to affiliate programs and affiliate companies and want to join an affiliate program that pays.  I'm a newbie, I want to get started: If you're a newbie to building free web sites, generating free traffic or you're just not clear about affiliate programs and how they can benefit you, then we will get you schooled up easy enough. And remember this site is not the only source for affiliate program or affiliate marketing information, it's just a starting point for you. We'll tell you what we know, what has worked for us and what has not worked but ultimately you'll need to fine tune your knowledge through self education, and gain your own experience by getting out there and doing it. Once you know what affiliate marketing is all about then you can focus on your site content, traffic generation, SEO (search engine optimization), and more. We'll explain more about these things later, however for now we recommend you start at the new to affiliate marketing area.

I've joined affiliate programs before, but now I want to be with an affiliate program, affiliate company or even an affiliate network that works and pays.  I've been online a while and want to move forward: If you've been online a while and you want to move up to the next level and monetize your web site. You may have already heard the term "monetize" which means "converting some benefit received in non-monetary form (your web site and traffic) and turning it into a monetary form (your affiliate commissions). You likely already do that daily... work at a regular jobs and give up something of value (your time) to the company, and then they give you money. You monetize yourself in your regular job, so why not monetize your web site or blog? OK, just took my medication and I'm back on track now. As someone with a web site or blog something you need is visitors since without them you effectively have no customers and you can make no sales. For you we recommend you focus first in our free traffic area to learn about content, SEO, traffic programs etc. Once you have a good feel for how to bring them in, then you can focus on the second phase which is providing them those things they need to solve their problems, and you'll find those kinds of visitor solutions through the many advertisers offers in the affiliate company programs area.


I am a seasoned affiliate program veteran or an experienced affiliate publisher however I'm not making any real affiliate money - show me how to make a real affiliate income with affilliate programs, affiliate companies or an affiliate network!  I'm experienced, but it's just not working, I'm going broke: So you've had a web site or a blog for a couple years and you feel you've just been entertaining the Internet masses for free and you haven't made a dime yet, we've been there and have already earned our geriatric support t-shirts and we understand. Or you've somehow managed to spend down most of the children's college fund for hosting, advertising, Google Adwords and every thing in between. If this is you then you need to stop working so hard at losing money and get back to the basics. It could be your content, lack of traffic, quality of your traffic or untargeted visitors, search engine optimization, the affiliate programs you're currently with or any combination of those and more. I recommend you scour this entire site (yes I know you're a Guru) until you determine what it is that you're doing wrong, and then... don't do it anymore.

  What we're going to show you is something that anyone with a web site or blog can do, we already know it works... we've done it. We'll show you examples, some proof to spice it up a bit and we'll also teach you what we've learned. More importantly we hope what we share will motivate you to get started today so you can earn from affiliate programs for the many years to come.  

Earning from your website through affiliate programs is not as tough as you might think. Through this site, Margie and I can give you the knowledge, however it will be up to YOU to take your newfound affiliate training and turn it into a positive benefit for you and your family!

Earning an income from affiliate companies doesn't take any special webmaster or marketing skills and if you already have a blog or web site then you're half way there. If you don't currently have a web site or blog that's OK too as I'll get you pointed in the right direction so you can set-up your blog free, or even build your own web site for free.
Making money from your web site also does not require over-priced software and you will NOT buy anything from this site. You'll benefit directly from our years of online affiliate experience, and you'll save time and money in the long run. We've already made many of the affiliate mistakes along the way so you don't have to.

Affiliate network companies pay you to place affiliate type advertiser links on your affiliate related web site or blog and then you earn an extra affiliate income from individual affiliate programs through the affiliate company or affiliate network.   If you're unfamiliar with affiliate marketing or companies and how they can help you earn an income from your site or blog then I highly recommend you read the "Affiliates 101" section first. This section will tell you all about affiliate marketing and companies, how they can can generate income for you, and I've saved the best for last... what methods you should use to maximize your income right now, and also increase your affiliate income in the future.  Read more about affiliate programs and how you can earn money from them.
There are literally hundreds of affilliate companies and affiliate programs or affiliate networks to choose from out there. We've chosen only the cream of the crop already proven affiliate network companies and affiliate management teams that have the perfect affiliate programs for you and your site or blog.   If you already know about affiliate marketing then all you really need now are some professional and high quality affiliate management companies to join so the "Affiliate Companies" list area is for you. Any affiliate company you ever join should be 100% free (no fee), they should provide you with a large selection of advertiser links & banners for your particular targeted market, and lastly they should have a proven record of on-time payouts to the Publishers (web or blog owners). Affiliate companies are no different then anything else in life, you want and deserve 'value".  View our huge list of free to join affiliate management companies.
  Almost lastly... If by chance you are a Webmaster that is intensely involved in compiling mailing lists, emailing them with your newest amazing deal or money making program, tweaking "squeeze pages", joining and then telling your list about every PLR (private label rights) e-book that hits the streets then you are truly working too hard competing with every other Webmaster trying to sell the same product to the same group of people. We cannot tell you or show you how to get a few hundred more people to sign up on your list, or how to increase the response rate to your list, and we cannot point out the hottest PLR happening right now because we do not "actively" sell those products or use those, dare we say... hyped up and spammy marketing methods.

If you have a web site with good content but you've been spending far too much time and money trying to make a profit, then poke around our site to find out what we're doing that will help you on your affiliate marketing journey. Not sure where to start?  We recommend you start reading up and learning about affiliate companies and affiliate marketing through our affiliate program articles. Yep, it's a brand new area however we'll be adding additional articles over time for you - enjoy.

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