Affiate programs "are" profitable but it doesn't happen overnight. Learn what affiliate programs we joined, marketed and made a great commision or profit from.


Here we "show you the money" when it come to affiliate program income and earnings - you can do it too!


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Affiliate Articles

We can talk about making money online through affiliate programs and affiliate companies however it might not mean that much to you unless we showed you some of what we've accomplished with affiliate marketing using the same methods and recommendations covered on this site.

First of all what we are NOT doing is making millions of dollars, overnight in our sleep while someone else does all the work for us. That kind of "fast cash" hype is for the gullible and it's been pushed heavily for years by all those get rich programs who are in competition with each other and who must "really stretch it" in order to get noticed, get you in the door and then make a sale. What we do is earn a "very nice" consistent monthly income without compiling lists of people, emailing these people, or actively "selling" to others. Sweet.

  This is proof of our affiliate earnings over a period of time, you can do it too, you just have to decide that you want to earn an income online and then just do it!    

Second, there are no copies of checks here, and you won't see Margie and I leaning against a Mercedes in front of a beachfront executive home. What we're going to show you are real life "case studies" of a sampling of some of the many affiliate products we chose to market. Below you can see how we marketed them (banners, links etc.), and how much commission we earned from our affiliate marketing efforts. Please check out our affiliate glossary area for definitions of any of the terms below such as CR%, EPC, CPA etc.











  Web site product or service page: Apple iPhone Entry.

Marketing method: Banner, 300 x 250, ran on web site for 1 month.

Total affiliate earnings: Advertiser paid $5.00 per lead, earned $445.00.

  Product or service: Magic Jack Trial Sign-up.

Marketing method: Banner, 180 x 150, ran on web site for 3 months.

Total affiliate earnings: Advertiser paid $24.25 per lead, earned $1382.25.

  Product or service: eMusic 25 free songs download.

Marketing method: Banner, 125 x 125, ran on web site for 1 week.

Total affiliate earnings: Advertiser paid $6.80 per lead, earned $156.40.

  Product or service: Screensavers download offer.

Marketing method: Blog entry, Text Link, ran on blog for 3 days, then rolled off.

Total affiliate earnings: Advertiser paid $1.65 per lead (CPA), earned $146.85.

  Product or service: Vista Print 250 free business card offer.

Marketing method: Banner, 728 x 90, ran on web site for 2 weeks.

Total affiliate earnings: Advertiser paid $13.00 per lead (CPA), earned $377.00.

Most of the advertiser offers we run are targeted to the "general public", in other words there's a good chance that most of the people that saw the above ads might have wanted an iPhone, have seen the Magic Ads on TV or they wanted some free music for their iPod etc. This is a just a small sampling of the many affiliate program links we have online, there are many more that we don't want to bore you with here, but we hope you get the general idea that affiliate marketing IS profitable. If you want a long term stable income without managing email lists, blasting your offers to subscribers and constantly "selling" then you need to get into affiliate marketing soon, you might as well... everyone else is!

Like anything else in life, your results will depend entirely on the effort and time you put into your affiliate business. Place one affiliate banner or text link on your home page and tweet for the remainder of the day, OK maybe you'll earn a dollar or two average per day and by the end of the month that $30 to $60 will pay your cable bill for you (yep, free money). If you're happy with that amount then you are still an affiliate marketer, and you are making money so all is well. You can make less then us or make more then us, it's really up to you to determine that part of the affiliate income formula.

Just a reminder... if you have a dog related web site you sure don't want to waste your time and web site real estate running cat product ads although "general pet" related ads are OK. Always advertise what your visitors might be interested in and NEVER what you like or "think" maybe they could like. Guy sites, guy type products, if you have a younger market, go for cell phone goodies, ring tones, social network related products and services. For oldsters like Margie and I... think diabetes monitors, hover round, AARP, medical related and those kinds of things.  -> Be your own visitor, yep put yourself in their shoes... then advertise very closely to what "they" would be interested in and you'll do just fine!

The case studies above are some of our better performing advertising offers, there were others much better then the ones listed however with some Affiliate Management companies you can only go back so far so we didn't have access to the information for those gems. There have also been some ads that we ran that did little to nothing for us as far as earnings. Do you remember the upside down growing tomato plant that was on TV? Well, we saw that it was getting a bunch of air time so we poked around the back offices of a few of the affiliate companies we're with and found it, placed the ad online and... nothing for an entire week - so we pulled it and moved on to something else. Later we realized that it likely was not a problem with the product, but a problem with the time of year and our timing. We placed the ad towards the end of summer... not enough time for most people to order it, receive it and grow any tomatoes before fall and winter hit, so we learned the hard way but that's what it's about sometimes.

Bottom line... don't just pick an ad, place it on your web site or blog and then and walk away. Ensure you are offering targeted products to your targeted visitor. Check your stats to make sure people are clicking on your ads, signing-up and earning you money. If they are and it's going real well, upgrade to a bigger ad and give it some more room on your site to increase your earnings. If something isn't working re-evaluate if you want to try a different ad (bigger banner, switch to a text link etc.) or whether you just need to "cut your loses" and try a new product or service. Lastly timing is important so no gardening plant ads in Autumn, no discounted t-shirts in Winter, and no space heaters in the springtime - sheesh.  :-)

Margie and I are "part time" affiliate marketers, by that I mean she's a housewife (and damned good at it) during the day and I still work my 8 hour shift 5 days a week every week except on holidays or when I'm burning up some of my vacation days. During the week I spend an average of 2 hours each night online checking mail, updating affiliate links, initiating link trades and doing general webmaster maintenance. On weekends we're either doing yard work, traveling North to the big city or just relaxing and getting ourselves recharged for the upcoming week.

As mentioned on our about page, the money we earn online each month covers our mortgage, car payment with a few hundred dollars left over for extra savings plus a little more for fun stuff and entertainment. If we wanted to be rich we'd become full time affiliate marketers, however we all have to balance our work life with enjoying life itself. At our ages it's no longer about the big house by the beach or the expensive European car. For us it's about enjoying our upcoming retirement and because of that it's the little affiliate marketing we do now that generates a nice extra income stream so that we're lined up for a much nicer retirement later on.

And the final word here on our "Show Me the Money" page...

The least amount Margie and I ever earned was $5.80 in one day, that was the day we earned our first affiliate commission ever and boy was it an exciting moment (serious) for us. It might sound silly to you and you might think five bucks is a waste of your time, unless you realize that we didn't email anyone, we didn't call anyone, we didn't even pay for traffic and it had absolutely nothing to do with my regular 8 hour shift! It was a lone banner at the top of our one page "beginner" web site (do you remember the "Get My Web Site" place mentioned on our about page?). Someone happened along and clicked on it and they purchased! That day we did our happy dance (at our age we stood in one spot and just waved our arms) and it's that one wimpy sale that motivated us to expand our affiliate marketing.

The most Margie and I ever earned in was $1780.00 in one day, we still smile when we talk about it. We know it was a fluke, pure chance, and it probably won't ever happen again but we're OK with that, we experienced it and that's all that matters to us. It turns out that a news site picked up on our newbie web page in an editorial about people "attempting" to earn money online, the competition, the scams out there etc. We were one of three sites used as examples to illustrate "beginners online trying to earn money". A couple smaller news sites picked up on the big story, followed by some popular blogs grabbing it and finally the story spread virally through email, mostly Yahoo. The second day our affiliate commission tapered down to around $840, then $530, $290 etc. after seven days it was all over, the smoke had cleared and our traffic settled down to where it normally was. We totaled all the affiliate company earnings and we cleared just over $3800 in a 7 day period, amazing? You just don't how amazing it was to us. Will you start off and earn that much in 7 days, probably not, will we do it again, we sure hope so... however you just never (never) know if and when it will happen.

So... It's time you stop "chasing the money" by joining the current advertised hot money making program or MLM. The best you can do with those types of programs is make the originators rich while you do all the advertising and marketing for them. When it fizzles then you (and thousands of others) are forced to join the next hot "thing". Control your future and your income by running your own home business with affiliate marketing starting today. You get to decide how much time you want to devote to your business and how much money you want to make without relying on anyone else - that's what being in business for yourself is really about, independence. Once you get your affiliate business established and rolling it then becomes a "consistent" income that nobody else can take away from YOU!  Yep, that's some sweetness.

David & Margie

P.S. If we had to do it over again we'd only change one thing. We would have built a web site, joined affiliate companies and learned how to generate traffic... much (much) earlier in our lives.



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